America Star Books Headshots

I recently took headshot photos of the sales team and owner at America Star Books.  The shoot was on Location in the America Star Book's office. I purchased a blue seamless backdrop for the occasion as per their color request. In preparation I set up the backdrop in my own studio and tested out my lighting set up using my ever patient husband as the model.  I wanted to get everything just how I wanted it so I wasn't struggling the day of the shoot.  Since the seamless paper used for the backdrop has no shade variation I wanted to create a gradient with my lights and it took a some tweaking to get just right.  So the day of the shoot I arrived at 9:30am and I was set up by 10:30am and was done shooting the 8 people by 11:00am.  We even did a few silly pictures for the team to have fun with.  I am sure you will be able to spot them in the mix.  Then I packed my stuff in my car and went to lunch.